Strategic Plan 2022-2026

Advancing volunteering for Queensland’s well-being



Strong, connected communities through volunteering 


To advance volunteering for Queensland's economic, social, cultural and environmental well-being


We operate with integrity and commit to being:

Leading the way

We are the lead voice for volunteering in Queensland supporting this essential industry to thrive. As the state peak body we are solely dedicated to advancing and promoting volunteering. To achieve our vision we work across four strategic focus areas:

We actively campaign that investing in volunteering is fundamental to the continued prosperity of Queensland. The volunteering industry is a vital force that fuels the economy, connects and enriches the lives of Queenslanders, builds social and cultural value, and protects the environment.

Our work is vital to ensuring volunteer-involving organisations can engage, manage and retain the strong, effective volunteer workforce necessary to advance their mission and cause. We support volunteer participation that is inclusive, transformative, flexible and meaningful. We inform policy, good practice, research and development, regulation and decision-making that supports the sustainability and advancement of volunteering. 


To support the whole of Queensland, we harness the power of strategic partnerships and strive to engage the state-wide volunteer network. We ground our efforts in inclusive practices and principles based on service, experience, evidence, transparency, accountability, consultation and continuous improvement.



Photo: Emergency Services Cadets, Oxfam, BrisAsia Festival