Don’t miss this important opportunity to inform the future of federal funding for volunteering

Join mpconsulting and Volunteering Queensland for a consultation workshop to review the Department of Social Services (DSS) Volunteer Management Program (VMP). You are invited to contribute ideas and discussion of potential new models for volunteering funding and service delivery. Together we will unpack the pros and cons of existing models and approaches, and focus on the needs, challenges and opportunities for change to maximise the potential of volunteering in both the Queensland and national context.

'Leave no woman behind'

International Women’s Day is globally recognised to celebrate the amazing acts of courage and determination by ordinary women in their country and communities. The 2018 theme is ‘Leave no woman behind’ acknowledges the essential role women play in humanitarian and natural disaster response.

For many Christmas is a joyous and festive time to be spent with family and friends. Time spent having a BBQ, going to the beach or a game of backyard cricket. It’s a time to be grateful for the people in our lives and the country we live in.

Volunteering Queensland has written to all the registered political parties in Queensland asking for their support to ensure volunteering continues to grow and be a strong and much relied on contributor to the economic, social, cultural and environmental well-being of Queensland and a vital part of our state’s identity.

International Migrants Day is an international day observed for taking into account the large and increasing number of migrants in the world. On 4 December 2000, the United Nations appointed 18 December to be officially appointed as International Migrants Day and celebrated annually.