SAAVI Student of the Term 2, 2016 - Amba


Murrumba State Secondary College Year 11 student Amba is completing a CHC34015 Certificate III in Active volunteering through our Students As Active Volunteers Initiative (SAAVI).

Amba is enjoying undertaking the certificate and has completely embraced volunteering, both as a subject and as a philosophy.

She has been volunteering at neighbouring Undurba Primary School helping year 5 students with their reading. She enjoys reading to them when they are behaving, otherwise it can provide her with a bit of a challenge.

Amba's teacher, Gabrielle Parr, said that during one lesson she gave students statistics and information about people experiencing homelessness and tried to challenge stereotypes. "I talked about how lots of families are homeless and that there are thousands of children who are either living on the streets or in crisis accommodation. I mentioned ‘Adopt a Backpack’ where people buy a backpack and fill it with both essential and ‘fun’ items for a specific gender and age (under 18). These backpacks are then collected and donated to children experiencing homelessness." Amba embraced the idea and the next week, brought in a backpack for a boy aged 3-4.  

Amba doesn’t have a particular occupation in mind for the future, but would love to work with the elderly in a nursing home. She is considering whether she will enter the workforce or continue studying after Year 12.

Well done Amba! Congratulations on being our SAAVI Student of the Term 2, 2016. For her efforts we have rewarded her with an iTunes gift card, which she is excited to use to purchase Hip Hop music. 

Picture: Amba with teacher Gabrielle Parr