Sign the petition to help save crucial funding for volunteering


Volunteering Australia is asking for your help to save crucial resources for Volunteer Support Services by signing their petition to regain designated funding. 

Volunteering is the cornerstone of community strength and unity, with approximately 31% of the population offering their time and talents to contribute to the good of society and the economy. Without the help of selfless volunteers, certain assistance – including some necessary services – would otherwise not be received by the people who desperately need them.

Recently, due to a restructure of the Department of Social Services’ Strong and Resilient Communities grants, specific funding has been eliminated from place-based volunteer management services.

Much like a Jenga tower, volunteering has numerous elements that build its strength and viability. Not only does this loss of financial support disadvantage many, but it also threatens the very livelihood of volunteerism at a time where its potential is already quite compromised.

Don't let crucial resources go to waste, sign Volunteering Australia’s petition to reinstate funding in the 2017/18 Budget and use your voice to recognise the important role volunteerism plays in building safe, hopeful and resilient communities.

Sign the petition and join the campaign today.