SAAVI Student of the Term 2, 2017 - Blake


Mt Maria College Year 12 student Blake is completing a CHC24015 Certificate II in Active volunteering through our Students as Active Volunteers Initiative (SAAVI). Blake volunteers in the Religious Education Department at the school where he undertakes a variety of tasks that include designing labels for the 'care to cook' project, making flyers and bagging food and delivery to the local parish.

Although Blake initially found the notion of volunteering difficult to comprehend at first, he now understands volunteering through 'hands on' practical experience. He has shown a real sense of commitment to volunteering and completes whatever task is given to him to the best of his ability.

Through volunteering Blake has interacted with more people and has improved both his verbal and non-verbal communication and his motor skills. Through his position he challenged himself with a high level of responsiblity.

Mrs Duke, Campus Minister said, "Blake has shown great personal development over the last term. He has embraced the idea that supporting others, which may be less fortunate, can be worthwhile and fulfilling and he has also learnt to think outside the box about helping others".

Blake is also in the process of completing a Certificate III in Warehousing (Traineeship) and the skills he has learnt volunteering he is able to use towards any future paid employment. Great job Blake!

Congratulations Blake on being one of our SAAVI Students of the Term 2, 2017. For his efforts he was presented the SAAVI Student Term Award and an $40 Gift Card.