Harmony Day, 21 March 2018


Australia nationally recognises Harmony Day on Wednesday 21 March 2018 to celebrate our cultural diversity and it also coincides with the United Nations ‘International Day of the Elimination of Racial Discrimination’.

The day aims to reinforce the message that “Everyone Belongs” and the importance of inclusiveness, religious and cultural respect. Orange is chosen colour to represent Harmony Day and all Australians are encourage to wear orange clothing and/or the distinctive orange ribbon to show your support.

Australia is a vibrant and multicultural country and our cultural diversity and tolerance is one of our greatest strengths – it is an integral part of our national identity. Almost one-third of Australians were born overseas; many more have parents of a migrant background. Our population of 24 million people have been born in 250 different countries, speak 240 different languages, and belong to 120 different faiths. Collectively, these cultures and traditions have enriched our nation.

How you can help celebrate and embrace Harmony Day? Come together with friends and family through schools, workplaces and your community to host and event. The Harmony Day Website is full of information and resources to help schools, communities, sporting clubs and workplaces plan and promote their event.

Volunteering Queensland offers the below opportunities where you can support families and your community:-

Community Support Leader/Mandarin Speaking, Southport

for The Migrant Centre Organisation Inc.

A person is required who will provide engagement and assistance for clients of Mandarin speaking backgrounds. The Migrant Centre is looking for a volunteer who has previous customer service experience and understanding of the challenges facing migrants and refugees.

Hep Vinnies Support Migrants and Refugees, Toowoomba

for St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland

Members of our Migrant and Refugee Conference use their professional backgrounds, skills and interests to help migrants and refugees in the Toowoomba community through a variety of ways.

VoRTCS Volunteer Refugee Family Tutor, South Brisbane

for St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland

Volunteer Refugee Tutoring & Community Support (VoRTCS) is a not-for profit program that provides free in-home tutoring for newly settled refugee families in Brisbane. It is run by volunteers and staff and is a Special Works of St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland.

English Language Buddy, Southport

for Multicultural Families Organisations Inc.

English speakers wanted for "budding up" with clients with a multicultural background to help to develop oral and written English skills. Multicultural Families Organisation (MFO) are setting up beginner and advanced English learn to read and write classes.
Volunteers will be interviewed and matched with clients to develop a friendly, supportive and encouraging environment.


More volunteering opportunities can be found on the Volunteering Queensland website at: volunteeringqld.org.au