Value of Volunteering Support Services


Volunteering Australia has released their 'Value of Volunteering Support Services' research project.

This report provides a socio-economic analysis and evaluation of the value of Commonwealth funded Volunteering Support Services. This includes establishing a baseline range of operational indicators and the value Volunteering Support Services deliver to the community, Commonwealth and other stakeholders.

Place-based services, such as Volunteering Support Services, provide the critical infrastructure required for safe, effective and sustainable volunteering. They are responsible for the promotion, resourcing and support of volunteering in local communities, and assist thousands of organisations across the country to recruit, retain and manage their volunteers. They provide infrastructure in communities to lead, enable and build capacity to recruit, develop and retain volunteers in a wide variety of organisations and services, for example, from the human services and community sector, to environmental, animal welfare and sporting groups.

To capture the value of Volunteering Support Services, two surveys and a Census were distributed to Volunteering Support Services themselves, as well as to Volunteer Involving Organisations and volunteers engaged by Volunteering
Support Services.

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