SAAVI Student of the Term 1, 2018 - Raelene


Brisbane Bayside State College student, Raelene has completed the CHC24015 Certificate II in Active volunteering through our Students as Active Volunteers Initiative (SAAVI).

Raelene chose to volunteer at Rosies, with her church as well her School Chaplain's breakfast. Whilst volunteering Raelene was required to serve patrons as well as talk to them as they provide much needed food and companionship.

Raelene also learnt about the importance of showing compassion and to assist others in need. Throughout the term, Raelene put other's needs before her own. Seeing how others live and how other organisations help out has made her even more compassionate and non-judgmental.

"Raelene has become more confident within herself and in talking to others. She uses her initiative without prompting, developed better communication and listening skills. Raelene is selfless and has developed a more positive outlook on everything." – Coral Symonds, Brisbane Bayside State College

Rosies have been impressed with Raelene, as she has been to all the outreach volunteer shifts without missing any and still continues to volunteer even after completion of nominal hours.

As for the future, Raelene would like to pursue a career in the health industry and to continue her strong commitment with the church and Philippino community.

Thank you for being such an inspiration to your school and your community Raelene. We wish you all the best in your future and hope you will continue to inspire others.

Congratulations on being our SAAVI Student of the Term 1, 2018. For her efforts, Raelene was presented the SAAVI Student Term Award and a $50 Gift Card.