How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted volunteering? View the results of our survey


Volunteering Queensland has surveyed volunteer-involving organisations (VIOs) across the sector and state to gain insights on how they have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The results highlight their needs and challenges going forward.


How have Queensland’s volunteer organisations been impacted?


Top concerns:

  1. Keeping volunteers safe and complying with government requirements
  2. Volunteers choosing not to return when programs are reactivated
  3. Reduced income due to suspended programs or cancelled events
  4. Keeping volunteers engaged, motivated, and connected
  5. Adapting to online/ remote volunteering (overcoming issues with IT expertise, systems, and training)
  6. Supporting the well-being of volunteers who have been stood down and are isolated
  7. Increased need to recruit more skilled volunteers and more diverse volunteers
  8. Supporting clients and vulnerable community members affected by the closure of programs


Top needs going forward:

  1. Avenues to increase income, including funding for volunteer management and support with grants
  2. Advice on keeping volunteers safe and ensuring compliance with safety regulations
  3. Tips to smoothly transition volunteers back into their roles and respectfully redeploy volunteers no longer required
  4. Strategies to enhance promotion of volunteer opportunities to attract a wider audience of volunteers
  5. Resources to build an effective online/ remote volunteering program, covering roles, WHS, risks, legalities, policies, and processes
  6. Revising the basics of volunteer management, recruitment, retention, and recognition for volunteers in a post COVID-19 environment


Results from survey of Volunteering Queensland members and volunteer organisations, May - June 2020.