You're invited to the Volunteer Manager Library - An online networking event for International Volunteer Managers Day


We invite leaders of volunteers to join us for an online networking event – with a difference

At the Volunteer Manager Library, we ask you to be both an open book and a curious reader.

Expect laughter, knowledge, ideas, new perspectives, and improved practice, as you take part in open, one on one conversations with your peers. You will be randomly allocated with four or more volunteer managers/ coordinators who you can take on loan (video chat with) for 20 minutes each.

These will be courageous, thought-provoking discussions where you can learn from each other professionally. Share your skills to help others. Seek advice to solve challenges you face in your role.

Held in recognition of International Volunteer Managers Day (IVMDay). We will finish off this fun event by exploring the IVMDay theme – ‘What’s Next?’ for volunteer management in your organisation and for the sector.


Event date: Thursday 5 November 2020

Event time: 10:30am – 12:30pm

Venue: Online via ZOOM

Cost: $22 (inc GST) for members; $33 (inc GST) for non-members


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Adapted from:

This event is based on the Human Library concept which publishes people as open books. Human Library events bring people with unique life experiences together to have real, honest conversations, where they can ask questions about difficult issues without fear. Attendees gain insight into what others think, believe and dream of, while challenging stereotypes and breaking down barriers. Through increased understanding of cultural, religious, social, and ethnic differences, Human Library combats prejudice.