Volunteering Sector Survey 2020


Thank you to everyone who contributed to the October 2020 survey. The results are in and provide a key update on the challenges, successes and needs of the state’s volunteer-involving organisations. This information shapes our advocacy to government and new initiatives we’re undertaking to support the sector.

COVID-19 and volunteering

  • Volunteer-involving organisations have adapted and most are bouncing back
  • 85% of organisations are ready to host more volunteers, a huge increase from only 36% in May and June
  • Half of volunteer-involving organisations are back to a full team

You identified that key issues impacting your organisations are around funding, compliance, recruitment and measuring the impact of volunteering. Also, you let us know about the need for accessible templates, guides and resources, as well as more networking opportunities with your peers.



What’s next?

This valuable input guides our ongoing advocacy and has helped shape an exciting set of projects that Volunteering Queensland will deliver. To support and enhance the volunteer sector, we will be:

  • Continuing to push for more funding for the volunteer sector through our election platform
  • Creating a new suite of resources - accessible, introductory resources for all organisations and more advanced guides for members
  • Delivering new networking opportunities to help build valuable connections among organisations
  • Measuring the value of volunteering through the State of Volunteering in Queensland report

Check out more of the survey results and upcoming projects.


Have your say in the State of Volunteering in Queensland Report!

Two of the key requests from last month’s survey were to measure the value of volunteering in Queensland and to advocate for volunteer sector issues to government. To deliver these outcomes, we have commissioned a State of Volunteering in Queensland Report – but we need your help!

While last month’s survey guides what Volunteering Queensland can do for the sector, the State of Volunteering in Queensland Report will provide a robust, comprehensive set of data that is suitable to guide long-term, state-wide initiatives.

This is a Queensland first and you can help us be a part of this inaugural report by taking this survey (or forwarding it onto the appropriate person in your organisation). Your input is essential as this report will inform how volunteering in Queensland is supported and enabled into the future. This is your chance to show decision-makers the true value of volunteering in Queensland.

Find out more at: volunteeringqld.org.au/soviqr