For over 30 years the Burnie Brae Centre has sought to build strong community connections by providing quality health, lifestyle and care services to clients and members.

Since opening their doors in 1984, the Burnie Brae Centre has grown from a small membership-based social centre to a large multifaceted organisations which provides services, centred around aged care, to more than 9,000 individuals.

Volunteering at the Burnie Brae Centre is like being a member of a friendly village, everyone contributes and everyone benefits in some way.

“I find it stimulating socially, mentally and physically, always challenging, and highly satisfying.” – Anne Gore

Volunteers play a vital role in shaping the face of the organisation. Without the valued support volunteers, the Bernie Brae Centre would not be able to operate as effectively as it does. The organisation has over 250 volunteers across various areas including: transport, respite, Café Connect, Project Pantry, the community garden, the community nursery, activity leaders, maintenance and the concierge role at main reception.

Becoming a Burnie Brae volunteer provides a special opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life. The organisation also offers skills development through training and the opportunity to meet new people and build true connections and friendships.


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