2021 Student of the Term Lachlan Term 3


Congratulations to Lachlan, a year 12 student from Warwick State High School and has completed the CHC24015 Certificate II in Active Volunteering. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, he was the only student at the school who was able to source a volunteer placement outside the school. 

Lachlan volunteers with the Queensland Rural Fire Service - Karara brigade. He has also assisted with various activities around the school. Lachlan enjoys the activities he is involved with when volunteering. He sees the role as being very important in a rural area. He is focused on the volunteering rather than counting the hours that he has to complete.

Warwick State High School's SEP Teacher Janelle Constable has noted that everyone has appreciated Lachlan's contributions and noted how his maturity has improved during the course of his volunteering including his interpersonal skills, which is affected by ASD. 

The Karara Brigade now has another active member and Lachlan has an organisation where he feels valued. Lachlan learned how to fight the different types of bushfires. He learnt about cultural burns conducted by indigenous people. He also learnt how to use and operate masks and the truck equipment including fire hoses and racks.

As his schooling draws to a close Lachlan wants to enter the workforce whilst continuing to volunteer for the RFDS. We wish him all the best for the future and award him a $50 gift voucher for him being student of the term. Lachlan was presented with his award at graduation ceremony on the 7th November and will appear in Warwick local paper and the school will advertise on their Facebook page.

Volunteering Queensland is a registered RTO offering secondary students the opportunity to undertake certificates I, II or III in Active Volunteering. The program is run within secondary schools, special schools and alternative training programs and can be completed over 12 – 24 months. 

Intro to Active Volunteering

Volunteering Queensland offers your students the opportunity to undertake either a CHC14015 Certificate I in Active Volunteering, CH24015 Certificate II in Active Volunteering or CHC34015 Certificate III in Active Volunteering and the Non-Accredited Active Volunteering that has been contextualized for your secondary school, special school or alternate training program.

Active Volunteering students support their community in many ways.  They volunteer at neighborhood centre’s, aged care homes, community gardens, op shops, school canteens and sporting events.  Students cook for those in need, provide IT audits and administration, create awareness campaigns, raise much needed funds, mentor and tutor younger grades with learning and many more good causes.

Key areas

There are many benefits for students who undertake the Active Volunteering:

  • Enhanced employment opportunities through real-world experience, a reference and expanded professional networks
  • A solid foundation for any career path including community services, sport and recreation, environment and conservation, arts, emergency services and human rights and justice
  • 2-5 credits towards their QCE; ATAR pathway and transition to work
  • Professional development including improved communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and initiative
  • Personal development including a real sense of community connection, confidence, more positive outlook on life and new friendships

To discover the benefits and how you can enroll your school in the program visit our Active Volunteering Program page.