SAAVI Student of the Term 1, 2015 - Kelsey


Kelsey is a Year 11 student from Murrumba State Secondary College and volunteers with Riding for the Disabled at Pine Rivers.

She has been enjoying horse riding since she was three years old, so when the school offered her the optional elective of a CHC34015 Certificate III in Active volunteering (SAAVI), she happily accepted. Kelsey saw this as an opportunity to combine her passion for horse riding with giving back to her community and following in her mother’s footsteps as a volunteer for Riding for the Disabled.

Kelsey’s favourite part of volunteering with Riding for the Disabled is seeing how happy and excited the children are when being around the horses. She said that she loves to volunteer, “Because it makes me happy to help people by doing something I love”. Kelsey also speaks very highly of the other volunteers she works with, saying that they are all very motivated and nice, since they chose to volunteer rather than being obliged to.

Kelsey has shown great entrepreneurship by actively incorporating theory from her workbooks into her volunteering activities. She has already completed 12 of her voluntary hours and plans to continue to volunteer once she finishes her required hours.

Erin Hanlon, one of the teachers delivering the SAAVI Program at Murrumba State Secondary College, stated that students are able to choose this qualification as an elective and, more proactively, seek out an organisation they have an interest in to complete their volunteering hours. She said that the “Communication, Workplace Health and Safety and Being an Effective Volunteer units are applicable to any employment position”, especially given the focus on a corporate social responsibility that many organisations are developing. Teachers at Murrumba State Secondary College are now being given a day a year to undertake volunteering activities, as to really incorporate volunteering into the school’s program.

The commitment, enthusiasm and drive to help others that Kelsey has shown in her volunteering and coursework over the term have earned her the “SAAVI Student of the Term” award for Term 1, 2015. She plans to stay involved in volunteering and hopes to build a career in which she can help others.

Photo: Erin Hanlon, SAAVI Program teacher (left) and SAAVI Student of the Term, Kelsey.