SAAVI Student of the Term 2, 2015 - Jordan


Jordan is a young student from Mitchelton Special School who is currently enrolled in Year 11. Jordan has always found it difficult to speak to others who are not close to her or who she is not familiar with.

In 2014, Jordan started volunteering at Meals on Wheels and began delivering food to people in need, specifically to an elderly lady client. Jordan has now been visiting her client once a week for the past year and half.

Jordan’s involvement with Meals on Wheels has been a growing process for her. At the start of her volunteering time, visiting and interacting with a stranger was a very tough task for Jordan to accomplish. Jordan has made constant progress and she is now comfortable maintaining eye contact, delivering food with a smile and saying to her client “enjoy your meal”. Jordan now regularly informs her client what she will have for lunch and, when needed, lets her know “Careful, it’s hot”. Jordan is developing in confidence and has learnt to follow the required routine.

Jordan is currently completing the CHC14015 Certificate I in Active volunteering, and her family hopes that through this experience Jordan will further improve her confidence and continue helping others.

Jordan participates in the Students As Active Volunteers Initiative (SAAVI), for her efforts she has been awarded ‘SAAVI Student of the Term’ for Term 2, 2015.

Jordan pictured above with Kathy Davenport-Mills, SAAVI Coordinator (left), and Jordan’s mother (Deb Bezjak) (right)