SAAVI Student of the Term 4, 2015 - Phillip


Phillip is a 17 year old student at Everton Park State High School who has just completed Year 11. He recently completed his CHC24015 Certificate II in Active volunteering and has very much enjoyed volunteering at the Hills District PCYC where he undertook a major garden renovation which resulted in a beautiful flower garden being created.

Phillip also volunteered with the Year 5 children at Stafford Heights State School where he assisted them with arts and crafts, sports and various other activities. He can also be seen assisting around his school with general volunteering duties as they arise.

Phillip likes volunteering as it gives him great experience and he enjoys giving back to the community. He also likes the feeling of achievement and building relationships with others whom he works with.

Phillip feels volunteering has taught him skills in teamwork, leadership, communication and social skills. He also now feels more confident when he is communicating with others and his enthusiasm for volunteering continues to grow.

After Phillip completes Year 12, he would like to continue onto university to study to be either a paramedic or in the area of IT. Recently he was elected Student Representative Council Secretary where he will put forward students’ ideas that will keep improving school life for all students at Everton Park State High School.

Phillip is looking forward to volunteering in the future for the RSPCA or in disaster relief.

His teacher, Doria West, is very proud of Phillip as well as of her other Certificate II Active Volunteering students and shares the following, “These students have developed new skills, built up their confidence and have successfully met new challenges. Not only have they grown personally but they will hopefully use these new skills in the workplace one day. As well as making them feel good about themselves because they’re making a difference in the local community, volunteering at a not-for-profit organisation will look great on their resumes too.”