SAAVI students on Norfolk Island conservation volunteerism trip


A part of our Students As Active Volunteers Initiative, year 10 students from Silkwood High School travelled to Norfolk Island to volunteer over a period of 7 days.

Day 1

Student volunteers began their work by restoring Norfolk Island – clearing a valuable tract of native habitat by removing vines and weeds.

Day 2

Due to bad weather conditions on the island, students traversed the beautiful Island and experienced Tahitian/Norfolk Island culture.

Day 3

Student volunteers visited the Bureau of Meteorology to observe how weather is measured and forecasted. They also visited the waste management centre to explore how waste is managed on an island.

Day 4

Student volunteers were busy completing their first restoration zone. After completion, they visited Farmer Lou’s property to learn about how 60% of the island’s food is farmed and produced. Students were extra enthusiastic and helpful and offered to help with the farm-work.

Day 5

Student volunteers were divided into teams, where the 1st team started primary restoration work on the second site, the 2nd team helped plant out seasonal produce at Farmer Lou’s, and the 3rd team helped doing a beach clean-up at Anson Bay.

Day 6

Due to bad weather again, students instead cleaned up the beach, where they collected a sizeable haul. After the clean-up, they completed a waste audit and wrote an analysis report where it was identified that 4,651 pieces of marine debris were collected.

Day 7

Student volunteers completed their final volunteering hours on a beach clean-up at Cemetery Bay and tallied the marine debris collection count total at 5,504. They were very proud to be the first group to do any marine debris collections and audits on the island.

Thank you to these amazing student volunteers!

Volunteering Queensland acknowledges the students efforts, as they work towards their CHC34015 Certificate III in Active volunteering. All volunteering hours will go towards their qualifications and of course beautifying glorious Norfolk Island.