Webinar Series: Overcoming negativity on social media

Don’t panic, negative comments are not the end of the world. A bad review or negative comment can be posted at any time and can have a huge impact on an organisation, so how prepared are you and your organisation?

Don’t wait until it’s too late, make sure your organisation is prepared for a:

  • negative comment posted on social media
  • bad review about your organisation
  • threat to other community members or your organisation
  • troll attack (those people who like to make nasty comments for a reaction)

This social media crisis communication webinar is action packed with powerful insights that will fire proof your organisation … so get ready to work hard!!

We will cover:

  • steps to prepare for a crisis so you can act immediately and limit risks to your organisation
  • how to convert negative comments into positive
  • how having a social media strategy leads to growth and success
  • how to protect your organisation' reputation
  • defining your voice and personality
  • ‘posting’ best practise – when, what and how many
  • monitoring tools and how to manage multiple accounts
  • the tools and resources to transform your organisation
  • and much more …

Who should attend?

  • Anyone with a social media presence
  • If you are considering establishing your social media
  • If you are concerned about the risks of using social media


About the trainers

Liz Buchanan, Ember Solutions

Liz is a speaker, trainer and digital communications strategist who specialises in social media. She is passionate about incorporating this online communication tool to improve overall digital strategy and engagement with stakeholders.

Her career began in the financial industry in Australia and the UK. She then moved to not-for-profit state sporting organisations and government. Liz now runs her own business, Ember Solutions, developing and implementing social media and digital marketing strategies for her clients.

In varying industries she has accumulated over 20 years’ experience in marketing, management and project management. Liz keeps current with marketing and social media trends. She has also tutored and lectured in various undergraduate and postgraduate marketing subjects at Queensland University of Technology and Griffith University for 20 years.


Further information

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