BNG presents the online National Standards self-assessment tool (Webinar)

This self-assessment tool is designed to help your organisation meet the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement, which have been developed by Volunteering Australia in consultation with volunteer-involving organisations.

The National Standards aim to promote good practice benchmarks for recruiting and managing volunteers, and for managing risk and safety for volunteers. 

Presented by:

James Houstone is a Director of Breaking New Ground (BNG), which is a leading provider of online solutions for Australian community services and health service providers, in the areas of quality and service standards, quality management systems and organisational capacity building.

Standards & Performance Pathways (SPP), BNG’s online standards compliance platform, carries over 60 Australian national and state community and health service standards (including the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement and the QLD Human Services Quality Framework).  All of the standards are mapped to one another, providing organisations with an efficient means of completing multiple sets of standards through a single assessment process, thereby avoiding unnecessary duplication.

BNG has worked with a wide range of industry sector peak bodies and government departments in the mapping of standards as well as the design and development of quality assurance frameworks, accreditation systems and self-assessment tools.