Learnings from the Volunteer Management Resilience and Transformation Masterclass

Our Volunteer Managers Network Meetings are a place where managers and coordinators of volunteers can come together to share resources, workshop and collaborate solutions to common issues that we face in an ever-changing environment.

Topic: Volunteer Managers - Tobi Johnson Follow-up session  

In this Meeting, we will share learnings and reflect on Tobi Johnson’s Volunteer Management Masterclass. This is an opportunity for peers in the volunteer sector to support each other in implementing the Masterclass to their volunteer engagement and discuss the use of the online platform.

Attendance at the Masterclass is not required for this Volunteer Managers Network Meeting. If you were not able to attend the Masterclass, this is an opportunity to hear about some of the lessons and techniques taught by Tobi. We will also share recent updates and news for the sector.

Some of the areas covered in the Masterclass sessions include

  • Rethink the systems of support your volunteers need now!
  • Build teams of best-fit volunteers for your organisation.
  • Use technology to re-engage past volunteers and attract new volunteers.
  • Create a system for robust volunteer engagement.


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