Need support in finding the right volunteers, managing their journey and delivering outstanding outcomes for your community? We're here to assist. 



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Need support in finding the right volunteers, managing their journey and delivering outstanding outcomes for your community? We're here to assist.

Members of Volunteering Queensland enjoy

  • Enhancement and support with recruitment, management and training for volunteers, volunteer managers and volunteer-involving organisations. 
  • Access to Volunteering Queensland’s networks, including associate membership with Volunteering Australia. 
  • Opportunities to work with us, including input into our advocacy and policy work through consultations, surveys, forums, roundtables and partnerships. 

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What's in it for you? 

As an organisation you will

  • Increase efficiency to achieve operational excellence within volunteer programs 
  • Improve the resilience of your services by building robust volunteer programs 
  • Have access to resources, templates, publications and policies to develop volunteering programs 
  • Have a voice representing your interests on volunteering issues at State and Federal levels 
  • Be part of a likeminded community of volunteer-involving organisations  

As a volunteer manager, you will

  • Save time by accessing ready-made resources and solutions 
  • Have a greater understanding of sector trends and best practice 
  • Build your knowledge and skills to develop your program and career 
  • Have access to a range of recruitment channels to ensure you have a pipeline of suitable volunteers to meet your program needs  
  • Join valuable networks 

Why membership?

Volunteer-involving organisations across the state are the lifeblood of the sector; providing opportunities for volunteers to support organisations across community services, education & training, support of young people, seniors and those with other physical and mental challenges, as well as family services, art, culture and environment.

We understand that recruiting, managing and celebrating volunteers is best done with support and resources. That’s why Volunteering Queensland offers membership for all volunteer-involving organisations, managers and individuals, as well as corporate companies and affiliates to ensure the sector training, resources, recruitment and management practices in place to fast-track their success.

Join our community of members today and discover the benefits. 

 Together we contribute to a thriving volunteering sector.


Membership benefits 

All new members of Volunteering Queensland will automatically become Associate Members of Volunteering Australia. There is no charge for this. It means your organisation’s name will be included in the Volunteering Australia membership list. 

As an Associate Member of Volunteering Australia, your organisation will benefit from opportunities to

  • Access, use or utilise services made available by Volunteering Australia 
  • Participate in policy work 
  • Input into Volunteering Australia's strategic plan
  • Receive notice, attend and speak at general meetings of Volunteering Australia (except in relation to matters which are subject to reserved voting rights - Associate Members do not have voting rights at general meetings of Volunteering Australia) 


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We welcome any questions you have about our membership. Please contact our Volunteer Services Team on (07) 3002 7600 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Photo: The Salvation Army, Homeless Connect, and Tegan Lather