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Keeping community organisations on the political agenda


We've united with the Coalition of Community Boards to ensure the voice of grassroots organisations are heard.

Our unique position paper 'Keeping community organisations on the political agenda' asks governments to recognise and support the essential role local organisations play in nurturing resilient communities. The paper has two purposes, to request government support and to stimulate and contribute to dialogue in the community sector.

“Local, small volunteer led organisations, who often support individuals and families, are falling between the cracks. It’s their local knowledge, accessibility and connections that reduce isolation and build community by linking people to support systems they might not be able to access or know about.”

“Tragically many of these small organisations are at risk of closure or extreme downsizing due to reduced funding, and rationalisation gives them a hammering,” said Perry Hembury, Volunteering Queensland.

“Yet, there is a real opportunity for Queensland to make sure that these external pressures don’t destroy the connections and safety nets small community organisations provide – hence our working with the Coalition of Community Boards to ensure the voices of these organisations remain on the agenda.”

Dr Ann Ingamells, Coalition of Community Boards said “Local community organisations are quite a different species from the national, large budget charities, and they perform a different role within the overall welfare system. If they flounder because of changing funding practices, it will be a loss to all concerned, and especially to local communities”.

“This paper is addressed to government because they are currently leading state-wide reform of community services”, said Dr Ingamells. “However, it is also an important document for all organisations in the sector to consider and discuss. We encourage other organisations, local councils, larger non-government organisations, and businesses to read and discuss this paper to add their voice to the future direction of our communities.”


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