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Innovative Research Bulletin - Edition 1

This research bulletin covers:

  • Youth Leading Youth
  • The Morten Initiative: Researching collaborative practices in volunteer engagement
  • Responding to the rural skills crisis
  • Social enterprise and volunteering
  • Reflecting on differences in working with young people as volunteers
  • The importance of groups in working with volunteers

Innovate Research Bulletin - Edition 1

Innovative Research Bulletin - Edition 2

This research bulletin covers:

  • Some lessons learned from grassroots leaders
  • Understanding the motivations and challenges of volunteers in sport, fitness and recreation: Implications for training and support
  • Employee and volunteer satisfaction: Drivers of performance and success
  • Understanding the foundations of changes in volunteering
  • Social innovation camp

Innovate Research Bulletin - Edition 2

Innovative Research Bulletin - Edition 3

This research bulletin covers:

  • Rethinking volunteer engagement: From sympathisers to activists
  • Social accounting for small and volunteer-based organisations
  • The Community and Corporate Engagement Program (CCEP): An innovative approach to student engagement
  • Building volunteer leadership within your volunteer program

Innovate Research Bulletin - Edition 3

Innovative Research Bulletin - Edition 4

This research bulletin covers:

  • Research on volunteer managers in WA
  • Curtin Volunteers!
  • 'Creating Impact': Youth Leading Youth in the arts

Innovate Research Bulletin - Edition 4

Innovative Research Bulletin - Edition 5

This research bulletin covers:

  • Reflections from Innovate Symposium 1.0
  • Belonging, Flow and Infrastructure: Creating a successful volunteer program
  • Young people and voluntourism: Understanding the motives for and effects of volunteer travel
  • A significant contribution
  • Volunteering in the Kingdom of Tonga

Innovate Research Bulletin - Edition 5

Photo: G20 Volunteer Program