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We are your one-stop-shop for volunteer recruitment!

Underpinned by a national volunteer referral database known as VIKTOR, our referral service is your key tool for getting volunteers on board.

Insured and uninsured volunteer-involving organisations who benefit the common good are able to advertise their volunteering opportunities on our website. Insured organisations have the positions they list with us automatically added to GoVolunteer and SEEK Volunteer.

Every year we see over 10,000 referrals take place through our service. Plus, our website gets well over one million views!

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Our service is available for all volunteer-involving organisations, branches and divisions whose purpose is for the common good. Registration involves becoming a FULL or ASSOCIATE member via our tiered financial membership options that provide many valuable and rewarding benefits.

When you register for our service you can:

  • Upload a profile about your organisation
  • Place, edit and manage your volunteer positions
  • Receive applications directly from the many and varied volunteers who visit our website every day

Having the following on hand will assist you during your registration process:

  • A mission statement that reflects your organisation's purpose and values - show potential volunteers why your cause is important
  • Details of your programs and/or services
  • Your ABN
  • Insurance details that include Public Liability Insurance and/or Volunteer Personal Accident Insurance

We recommend that your organisation maintains Public Liability Insurance and Volunteer Personal Accident Insurance. If your organisation does not have one or both of these insurances this will be featured on any volunteering opportunities you place. Volunteers applying for your roles will be alerted that they will be engaging with your organisation at their own risk.

Please note, applications are subject to approval in order to establish that the purpose of the applying organisation in no way conflicts with the objectives of Volunteering Queensland. You will not be able to login or use our online volunteer referral service until your application has been approved. The outcome of your application will be emailed to you within 5 business days or contact made with you for clarification.

What happens once you're registered? 

  1. Prospective volunteers either discuss volunteering opportunities with Volunteering Queensland, or independently search for positions on our website
  2. When a volunteer expresses interest in a position they are provided with the details of your opportunity
  3. You will receive an email with the volunteer’s contact details
  4. It is then up to your organisation to liaise with the potential volunteer and arrange a meeting to discuss their suitability for the position
  5. Volunteering Queensland can also assist you to promote your positions by either featuring them on our homepage or utilising our various social media platforms - contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss these opportunities
  6. Share inspiring stories of your volunteers to encourage more Queenslanders to get involve

Add on - VIRA (Volunteer Information Records Administrator)

VIRA is a volunteer management database that allows volunteer-involving agencies to collect important information about their volunteers. Information such as personal details, volunteer contribution in hours and services provided, recognition, reimbursement and training undertaken can all be recorded in a user-friendly format.

Not only does VIRA record information, it also produces a range of reports. These reports can be used to provide accurate, up-to-date and relevant information to decision makers, policy makers, and program planners, which will assist in more accurate budget preparation and funding submissions.

VIRA connects with the national volunteer referral database VIKTOR

To find out more, download our VIRA flyerI

Good volunteer management practice

Is your organisation new to involving volunteers?

We encourage all volunteer-involving organisations to follow a code of practice to enhance volunteer experiences and comply with legislation and duty of care.

We recommend that organisations have appropriate and current Public Liability and Volunteer Personal Accident insurance.

Organisations should be aware of and follow the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement, a framework for best practice in volunteer management.

Volunteering Queensland and its members support the national definition of volunteering.

Visit our Resource Central to find tools, templates, information sheets, case studies and reports to help you address risk and recruit, retain and reward a volunteer workforce.

To learn more about good volunteer management practice, access our upcoming training and events.

Is your organisation involved in COVID-19 response and in need of extra assistance from volunteers?

Emergency Volunteering CREW can help you to access volunteer support through the Queensland's Government Care Army initiative.

The Care Army is made up of everyday Queenslanders who want to help older and vulnerable people living in the community who may not have a wide circle of friends, family or neighbours who are able to support them during the COVID-19 outbreak. The primary focus of the Care Army is social connection and essential services such as the delivery of groceries and medicines for Queensland’s seniors and most vulnerable.

Queensland’s community organisations are encouraged to think about how they could use volunteers to assist with meeting the needs of older and vulnerable people in their communities. This could be achieved through phone calls or video chats to check on the wellbeing of older and vulnerable Queenslanders and help reduce the impacts of social isolation. It could also involve the non-contact delivery of food, medication and essential items, driving people to appointments, mowing lawns, or similar chores.

Care Army volunteers can help in front-line service delivery roles where they support older and vulnerable people who are impacted by COVID-19. Care Army volunteers can also assist the operations of your organisation while your current volunteers focus on delivery of essential services to people in need at this challenging time. Talented Care Army volunteers may be able to assist you to maintain existing operations and begin putting plans in place for a post-COVID-19 environment.

The safety and health of Care Army volunteers and the safety, health and privacy of those they assist is of primary importance. Community organisations are asked to ensure all necessary screenings, briefings and PPE are in place.

If you need volunteers or want to find out more about how Care Army volunteers can work in your community with your teams, please contact Volunteering Queensland directly on (07) 3002 7600.

There is no cost to access Care Army volunteers.




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