Building local capability

To manage spontaneous disaster volunteers


At times of disaster, the community will offer their assistance. Managing these offers and this type of spontaneous volunteer can be challenging. In the past whilst these activities have produced outstanding results for the community, they have at times unfortunately caused additional stress and hurt to the people they are trying to assist and challenges for organisations managing their activities.

In recognition of the difficulties faced by local agencies in managing spontaneous volunteers, Volunteering Queensland developed the Building local capability to manage spontaneous disaster volunteer project.

The project worked closely with local government and local disaster management groups to assist them identify which agencies and groups in their community are best placed to take on future roles in managing spontaneous volunteers.

Volunteering Queensland assisted with the development of agreements, training and tools to support these local arrangements building local capability to manage spontaneous disaster volunteers.

Locations include: Redlands, Moreton, Logan, Livingstone, Somerset and Tablelands. 


To explore the learnings of this project around good practice in building local capability to manage spontaneous disaster volunteers we encourage you to download our Making It Happen Report and Toolkit.

This project was a joint initiative of Volunteering Queensland, the Australian Government and the Queensland Government.