Spontaneous Volunteer Resources

In times of disaster, effectively sourced and managed spontaneous volunteers can be an invaluable additional workforce, relieving pressure during critical times of disaster response and recovery.


To ensure that no additional harm or stress is caused to affected people, or disruption to the response and recovery process, it is essential that volunteer coordination is conducted practically and appropriately. This requires consideration and planning prior to a disaster event, and ensures that volunteers who step up at times of emergencies are strategically engaged, supported and safe in their activities. Access to appropriate resources and information is key to positive outcomes for affected communities and residents.

Volunteering Queensland has developed a suite of resources to support and enable local government and Volunteer-involving Organisations to follow best practice in this work. These resources include guiding information and templates to capture local plans and arrangements for the management and use of spontaneous volunteers at times of disaster.

*These resources have been developed through the ‘Improving Council capability to manage spontaneous disaster Volunteers Project’  funded through the National Disaster Resilience Program (NDRP) and administered by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA). 

Resources for Local Government Authorities

Resources for Volunteers Managing Organisations

This project was a joint initiative of Volunteering Queensland, the Australian Government and the Queensland Government.