To manage spontaneous disaster volunteers

Department of Social Services is inviting organisations and individuals/authorised signatories representing volunteer based community groups to apply for Volunteer Grants 2016 funding.

Disaster preparedness for older people

This week marks the 5th anniversary of the devastating Queensland Floods of 2010-11. During this time, we remember so many amazing, caring people who voluntarily helped those affected. The outpouring of community spirit and the desire of people to help each other during the massive clean-up was overwhelming!

Technology plays a huge role in our Emergency Volunteering CREW service, allowing us to register and match volunteers and organisations efficiently. The Sydney Morning Herald has published a great article featuring our very own Julie Molloy – Director, Social Engagement. Julie explains how an upgrade of our volunteer management systems has resulted in a much better experience for staff, volunteers and organisations alike when disaster hits. It has also allowed a huge improvement in volunteer matching capability, to ensure volunteers with particular skills and experience can be best utilised by disaster response organisations.

Our thoughts are currently with Central Queensland (Gladstone Regional Council Area) who are experiencing flooding in their area. There have been no calls for spontaneous volunteers at this time.

Volunteering Queensland's Emergency Volunteering team is managing all volunteer offers of assistance to support communities affected by Cyclone Debbie.