Benefits of volunteering

Volunteering is of great benefit to volunteers, nonprofits & the community at large


Benefits for volunteers

Volunteering is all about making a difference in your community; it also benefits you personally as it offers the chance to:

  • act on your values, passions and interests
  • make new friendships and create professional networks
  • gain work experience and learn new skills
  • enjoy new social and cultural experiences
  • develop personally and build confidence
  • enjoy better physical and mental health as studies show volunteering makes us healthier and happier
  • challenge yourself in a supportive environment
  • help your community
  • have fun!

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Benefits for nonprofits, community groups & causes

Many nonprofits can be comprised entirely of volunteers, and many services wouldn’t be able to be provided if it wasn’t for the important, vital contribution they provide.

Volunteer efforts help:

  • enhance and extend the work of a cause
  • improve the quality of life for clients and recipients of a service
  • spread the word and increase awareness of important issues
  • bring new insights, ideas and introduce new ways of working
  • get people involved in meaningful work
  • benefit the community at large
  • change the world!

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Photo: National Volunteer Week 2015