Centrelink & job seekers

Volunteering creates new pathways


Volunteering offers a way to:

  • learn new skills
  • build your professional network
  • gain work experience and a reference
  • make new friends
  • develop personally and build confidence
  • make a difference in your community.

It can help you work out what matters most to you and what kind of person you aspire to be.

Meeting Centrelink requirements

Centrelink maintain a database of approved not-for-profit community organisations that meet their participation and activity tests and are suitable for Centrelink clients to engage in voluntary work.

A number of not-for-profits registered with Volunteering Queensland also appear on Centrelink’s database. In fact, many of our volunteer opportunities registered online follow Centrelink criteria and have been accepted.  

Please note that any volunteer work you may wish to undertake to meet your Centrelink participation/activity test requirements will be subject to approval by Centrelink upon you submitting the ‘Verification of Voluntary Work’ form. This form must be completed by the Centrelink client and the volunteer organisation and can be obtained from any Centrelink office or downloaded from their website.

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