Be an intuitive, authetic volunteer


Connecting action with reflection

Volunteer in a space that you believe in

Volunteering is a unique practice that has the capacity to strengthen and enhance communities, all the while enriching a volunteer’s personal growth and development. In order to be genuine in your service as a volunteer, you should find a cause, group or organisation that resonates deeply with you. There are many externalities that demand our attention and pull us in different directions, however, finding a space that you are particularly passionate about will enable you to give more of yourself to being a changemaker in that field.

Avoid slacktivism

Volunteering is a selfless act that requires you donate your time, energy, knowledge and expertise. It is difficult to remain authentic if the work you are undertaking as a volunteer does not resonate with you. There is nothing worse than committing to doing something that does not motivate and fulfil you. Falling into the trap of “slackvism” where your motivations are not necessarily genuine hinders the potential for you to contribute to meaningful and long-standing change.

Challenge yourself & go beyond ticking boxes

It is outside of your comfortable zone where the magic happens. Sometimes we have to be uncomfortable and really test our limits in order for great things to happen. Some of the greatest life lessons and most cherished memories come from stepping out of your sphere of comfort and into a realm of the unknown. Volunteering is an opportunity to go beyond ticking boxes and challenge yourself – it is a chance for you to contribute to meaningful change, connect with like-minded people and to grow as an individual.

Access your intuitive wisdom & strive to be authentic

To be intuitive is to be authentic in your service as a volunteer. This means showing honesty, integrity and accountability in your actions towards yourself and those around you. Accessing your intuitive wisdom is not an abstract concept – it is simply about finding joy in the work you do and by connecting, reflecting and accepting the process. If you can seek to do this you will develop greater accountability for your actions, a willingness to acknowledge and respond to dynamic energies that arise in your environment, and mutually beneficial relationships will emerge and thrive.

Trust yourself & have fun

The most important thing you can do as a volunteer is to trust yourself. Be the change you want to see – all change starts with you. In challenging yourself there may be times when you question your strengths and capabilities. You are strong and you are capable. When you hold back you obstruct the change you could be making and the experiences you could be having.

The key to being an intuitive volunteer is to trust yourself, have fun and enjoy the process!

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Photo: Cambodia